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What is Wii Guide?

Wii Guide is a guide to get you started with Wii modding. The guide is maintained by RiiConnect24.

There are a few good resources for Wii modding and troubleshooting that can help:

What is “homebrew”?

Homebrew refers to unofficial software for your Wii. It allows you to run homebrew games and programs, including emulators and tools, as well as using homebrew services.

Running homebrew on your device is 100% free using the str2hax, LetterBomb or FlashHax exploits. There are also various other exploits in commercial games to get homebrew running.

What can I do with homebrew?

Here’s a list of things you can do with it. Our guide is meant for you to easily get started, but we have links associated with the things on the list to help you get started.

  • Use homebrew apps
  • Play games online again with Wiimmfi, a fan-made service which replaces much of Nintendo’s discontinued Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service (it works with many DS games too)
  • Be able to use Wii Mail along with discontinued Wii Channels again with RiiConnect24;
  • Load your Wii games from a USB hard drive using a USB loader;
  • Play mods of games such as New Super Mario Bros. Wii and Mario Kart Wii;
  • Change the theme of your Wii Menu;
  • Play retro games with emulators ported to Wii, such as FCE Ultra GX for NES games, Snes9x GX for SNES games, and Not64 for Nintendo 64 games;
  • Backup your saves and Miis with SaveGame Manager GX, and restore other peoples’ saves and Miis too;
  • Load GameCube games from a USB hard drive or SD card with Nintendont.
  • Make backups of your Wii/GameCube games with CleanRip.
  • Backup and restore a copy of your Wii system memory (NAND) with BootMii;
  • Protect your Wii from bricks with Priiloader;
  • Listen to music, watch movies and view photos with WiiMC;
  • Launch your favorite homebrew apps from your Wii Menu with “forwarders”;
  • Participate in Mario Kart Wii competitions again using Wiimmfi Competitions
  • And more!