Dumping WADs

This tutorial will explain you how to dump WADs from your Wii System Memory.

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What you need

  • And SD Card with at least 128 MB of free space.
  • Internet access on your computer.
Section I - Downloading/Installing
  1. Download the latest version of YABDM
  2. Open the .zip file that you downloaded and copy the content of it to SD Card.

  3. When it’s done, put it back to Wii.
Section II - Dumping
  1. Launch the Homebrew Channel on your Wii.
  2. Launch Yet Another BlueDump Mod. Launch

  3. Press the A Button. Press A

  4. Choose Installed Channel Titles Installed Channel Titles

  5. Find your channel and press the 1 Button on your Wii Remote Find channel

  6. Choose Backup to WAD.
  7. At the prompt to Fakesign the ticket, press the A Button.
  8. At the prompt to Fakesign the TMD, press the A Button.
  9. At the prompt to Change the output WAD region press the B Button.

  10. Done! Done