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If you need help with anything regarding this tutorial, please join the RiiConnect24 Discord server (recommended) or e-mail us at [email protected].

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RiiConnect24 ti permette di usare servizi terminati come WiiConnect24, che include i canali News, Forecast, Everybody Votes, Nintendo e Check Mii out, assieme a Wii Mail.

This guide is for regular Wiis only.

  • Follow this tutorial if you’d like to install RiiConnect24 on vWii (Wii Mode on Wii U).
  • Follow this tutorial if you’d like to install RiiConnect24 on Dolphin Emulator.

DO NOT INSTALL RIICONNECT24 ON A WII MINI! It will not work and it will brick the system.

Di cosa hai bisogno


Section I - Using RiiConnect24 Patcher

If you can’t run RiiConnect24 Patcher, please join the RiiConnect24 Discord server (recommended) or e-mail us at [email protected] for further assistance.

  1. Click the link above to go to the GitHub page where the patcher is.
  2. Scarica RiiConnect24Patcher.bat se sei su Windows, e RiiConnect24Patcher.sh se sei su un sistema Unix
  3. On Windows run RiiConnect24Patcher.bat. On Unix systems, open Terminal and type bash, then drag RiiConnect24Patcher.sh into the terminal then press enter. It should look like this: bash RiiConnect24Patcher.sh.
  4. Premi 1 per scegliere “Start” e conferma la tua scelta premendo ENTER. (NOTE: These screenshots are from the Windows version of the patcher.) RiiConnect24 Patcher Main Screen
  5. Select the device you’re patching for. Select your device
  6. For this guide, choose “Install RiiConnect24 on your WiiInstall RiiConnect24
  7. Choose “Express (Recommended)”. It will give you everything you need. Express Settings
  8. Select your region. Select your region
  9. While you’re at it, RiiConnect24 Patcher can additionally download some other optional channels that do not use RiiConnect24. [X] represents the options that selected. Just press 5 and ENTER if you’re not interested. Additional optional channels
  10. Connect your SD Card or USB Drive to your computer and select “1”. Enable copying to SD Card
  11. Se il tuo dispositivo è stato rilevato con successo, seleziona “1”. If not, make sure there’s a folder called apps on your SD Card or USB Drive and try again. Successfully detected
  12. Be patient… It's patching!
  13. After it’s done, we would appreciate if you take a minute to send anonymous feedback to us. If you don’t want to, close the patcher. All the files should already be on your SD Card. It's done! Files copied
  14. If it did not copy everything automatically to your SD Card or USB Device, copy the WAD and apps folder next to RiiConnect24Patcher.bat to your SD Card or USB Device.
Section II - Installing WADs

You will now install the patched IOS and Channel WADs that are required to use RiiConnect24.

  1. Metti la tua scheda SD o il tuo dispositivo USB nella tua WIi.
  2. Carica il Canale Homebrew sulla tua Wii.
  3. Avvia Wii Mod Lite.
  4. Usando ul tuo +Control Pad sul telecomando Wii, naviga su WAD Manager, e poi naviga sulla cartella wad.
  5. Highlight all the WADs in the folder by pressing the + Button to select them. When all of the WADs are selected, press A twice to install the WADs.
  6. If you get an error saying a title with a higher version is already installed (error -1035), go back to the WAD selection menu and press the - Button on the highlighted WAD to uninstall it, then try installing it again.
  7. Dopo che ha installato con successo, premi il tasto HOME per tornare all’Hombrew Channel.
Sezione III - Patchare nwc24msg.cfg

You will now patch your nwc24msg.cfg file which is required in order to use Wii Mail.

  1. Avvia RiiConnect24 Mail Patcher.
  2. Dovrebbero servire pochi secondi per patchare il tuo nwc24msg.cfg. When it’s done, press the HOME Button to exit.

If you were unable to patch your nwc24msg.cfg correctly, please join the RiiConnect24 Discord server (recommended) or e-mail us at [email protected] for further assistance.

Sezione IV Connettere

Starting June 16th, 2022 the RiiConnect24 DNS changes. Read more: here.

You will now set your DNS to our servers. This is optional but it’s recommended, because it enhances the use of RiiConnect24 and Wiimmfi by making some other features available.

  1. Vai su Opzioni Wii.
  2. Vai su Impostazioni Wii.
  3. Vai alla Pagina 2, poi clicca su Internet.
  4. Vai su Impostazioni Connessioni.
  5. Seleziona la tua attuale connessione.
  6. Vai su Cambia Impostazioni.
  7. Vai su Ottieni DNS automatico (Non Indirizzo IP), poi seleziona No, e poi Impostazioni Avanzate.
  8. Type in as the primary DNS.
  9. Type in as the secondary DNS.
  10. Seleziona Conferma, poi seleziona Salva.
  11. Seleziona OK per effettuare un test di connessione.
  12. Se la connessione è andata bene, seleziona No per saltare il Wii System Update.
  13. Vai su WiiConnect24, poi su WiiConnect24 ancora, ed assicurati che sia attivato.
  14. Torna sul menù di WiiConnect24, vai su Standby Connction ed assicurati che sia attivato.
  15. Su Slot Illumination, consigliamo di impostare le luci su Dim oppure su Accesso, ma è facoltativo.
  16. Infine, vai sulla sezione Internet, poi su User Agreement o su Agreement/Contact, poi su Yes. Per favore leggi attentamente.

Continua a Wiimmfi
Wiimmfi ti permette di giocare a giochi online dopo la discontinuazione del Nintendo Wi-Fi Connction. L’installazione di RiiConnect24 è facoltativa.

Continue to WiiLink
WiiLink lets you use the Japanese-exclusive channels known as Wii no Ma and Digicam Print Channel. L’installazione di RiiConnect24 è facoltativa.

Continua a navigare nel sito
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If you get error 107245, then you have not installed the patched IOS.

If you get error 107304 or you see Nintendo’s User Agreement without RiiConnect24’s logo, that means your ISP (Internet Service Provider) or network is blocking the use of a DNS. You can set Auto-Obtain DNS to On to solve this. RiiConnect24 will still work without it. Or, you can use our DNS-Server program.

Se hai l’errore FORE000006, il tuo orario della Wii potrebbe essere sbagliato. Set it to the correct date and time, then wait no more than an hour and the Forecast Channel may start working.

If you still get FORE000006 or if you get NEWS000006, you will need to delete your SYSCONF with rc24-clear-tool.

If you’re getting any other errors with the Forecast Channel or the News Channel, such as an error code starting with FORE or NEWS or a discontinued message, you can try to delete your VFFs with rc24-clear-tool.

If you’re getting errors such as WiiConnect24 and Wii Shop Channel currently not being offered in your country, go to Wii Settings -> Last Page -> Country and change it to United Kingdom. You will get this error when using a country that we don’t support. Contact us at [email protected] if you need more help.