Homebrew Channel and BootMii Installation

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The Homebrew Channel is where you will go to launch homebrew applications. BootMii is a piece of software that can backup and restore your Wii’s NAND storage, and if installed in boot2, provides brick protection.


  1. You will see a scam warning screen. Wait 30 seconds for the text “Press 1 to continue” to appear, then press 1. Scam Screen
  2. You will be presented with a test results screen. Select Continue. Results

If BootMii says that it can only be installed as an IOS, that’s normal.

  1. Select Install the Homebrew Channel. Homebrew Channel installation Homebrew Channel installation OK
  2. Select Continue when finished.
  3. Once installed, select Back, then select BootMii. BootMii
  4. Select Install BootMii as IOS.

If you do not have an SD card, you cannot install nor use BootMii, and therefore will not be able to utilize any of the mentioned benefits.
You can always install it at a later date.

BootMii installation BootMii SD card prompt BootMii SD card preparation BootMii installation OK

  1. Once done, select Continue.
  2. If you have the option to Install BootMii as boot2, please do so as well. This offers the best possible brick protection you can have.
    Otherwise, skip this step.
  3. Select Exit to finally open the Homebrew Channel.

Required Reading

You can now use the Homebrew Channel to launch homebrew apps. Open Shop Channel is a one-stop shop for downloading homebrew, which you will learn how to install further in this guide.

Here’s a tip - when installing homebrew applications on your SD Card or USB drive, your folder structure should look like this:

Proper SD Card Folder Structure

AppName1 and AppName2 are placeholder names. Do not nest multiple apps folders inside the apps folder itself.

Continue to making a NAND Backup using BootMii
Making a NAND backup with BootMii at this point is highly recommended.

If you couldn’t install BootMii, continue to installing Priiloader.

Tip: You can tell if a Wii has BootMii installed as boot2 if your disc drive flashes very briefly, only after the immediate flash that happens when you press the POWER Button.