Installing Wii Themes

Are you tired of the boring, plain white theme on your Wii Menu, and want a cool theme instead? This tutorial will help you get a new theme for your Wii Menu!

In the case of a brick, installing Priiloader is a must. Also, install BootMii (as Boot2 if you have an early Wii). Installing brick protection along with following the guide correctly should keep you safe from bricks.

Do not install a custom theme on vWii (Wii U)!

For safety purposes, please do not use any other version of MyMenuify than the ones listed here, as MyMenuify Mod is the safest way to install a theme.

What you need


Section I - Finding a Theme
  1. Peruse the GBAtemp post, finding a theme you want to install. Some have YouTube videos to show what the theme looks like, unfortunately some of them are unavailable.
  2. Once you found one you like, click the download link corresponding to your Wii Menu version. It is very important to pick the right one to avoid bricks.
  3. You probably will pick the download link that says 4.X, that means the theme will work on version 4.1, 4.2 and 4.3 of the Wii Menu.
  4. Some themes have different links for different regions, so please pick the one corresponding to your Wii’s region.
  5. Once you downloaded the theme you want and double-checked you got the right one, open up ThemeMii Mod.
Section II - Building the Theme
  1. A dialog box will pop up telling you to only install themes if you have brick protection. If you installed Priiloader and/or BootMii (see the warning at the start of this guide), press OK.
  2. Go to Tools > Download Base App > Version of your Wii Menu > Region of your Wii Menu
  3. A dialog box will pop up asking you to enter in a value to create a key. Enter in what it says, it will create a key that will be used to decrypt the Wii Menu from Nintendo’s servers.
  4. A file selection box will ask you where to save the .app file (that is the Wii Menu file it downloaded). Save it to the directory where ThemeMii is in.
  5. Go to Options > Standard System Menu > Version of your Wii Menu > Region of your Wii Menu
  6. Go to File > Open, then browse for where your .mym file is.
  7. Press Create csm, then browse for a directory you want to save the theme in. Give it a moment to build the theme.
  8. A dialog box will pop up hopefully saying it built the theme correctly, and it will ask you if you want to save the .mym. Press No.
Section III - Installing the Theme
  1. Extract MyMenuify Mod and put it in the apps folder on your SD Card.
  2. Put the .csm file you saved in a folder called modthemes on your SD Card.
  3. Insert your SD Card into your Wii, and launch MyMenuify Mod from the Homebrew Channel.
  4. After an introduction message, it will ask you what IOS you want to use in the app. If you have installed cIOS, use IOS249, or else use IOS58. If the former gives an Exception DSI occurred! error, press Reset on the Wii console, launch it again, then try IOS250.
  5. Highlight the theme you want to install, then press A. Give it a moment to install the theme, then press any button to go to the Wii Menu. Hopefully, the theme installed correctly.

If you get an error saying “The system files are corrupted”, don’t panic as long as you installed Priiloader. Turn off your Wii, then hold down the RESET button down and turn on your Wii. You should be able to boot into the Priiloader menu, where you have some options to fix your Wii Menu. One of the options is to launch the Homebrew Channel, where you can launch MyMenuify Mod and press a button to download and install the original Wii Menu theme.