Updating Wii Menu to v4.3

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This tutorial will explain how to update your Wii Menu to version 4.3, if you have already homebrewed your Wii.

필요한 것

If you don’t have a Windows computer, please join the RiiConnect24 Discord server (recommended) or e-mail us at [email protected].


섹션 I - 다운로드

Your Wii must be modded in order to perform this. If it isn’t, then it’s best to follow the guide first before doing this.

To protect against bricks, make sure you install Priiloader. Also, install BootMii (as Boot2 if you have an early Wii, otherwise IOS). 이 가이드를 따르며 올바르게 벽돌 보호 기능을 설치하면 벽돌으로부터 안전해질 겁니다. BOOTMII와 PRIILOADER를 설치하지 않고 계속하지 마십시오!!

  1. Extract the .zip file for NUS Downloader vWii and open the application.
  2. Go to Database... > System > 0000000100000002 - System Menu and select the version corresponding to your region as shown in the table below.
  3. Make sure Pack WAD is checked.
  4. Press Start NUS Download!.
  5. Open the titles -> 0000000100000002 -> (Wii Menu version) and copy the .wad file to a folder called wad on your SD Card or USB drive.
  6. Repeat steps 2-5 with IOS -> 000000010000003A -> Latest Version.
  7. (If you have RiiConnect24, you can skip this step) Repeat steps 2-5 with IOS -> 0000000100000050 - IOS80 -> Latest Version.
Region Wii Menu version
Japan v512 (4.3J)
USA v513 (4.3U)
Europe v514 (4.3E)
Korea v518 (4.3K)
섹션 II - 설치하기

이 도구를 +컨트롤 패드로 사용할 수 있습니다.

  1. Wii에 SD 카드나 USB 드라이브를 삽입하십시오.
  2. Wii에서 홈브루 채널을 실행하세요.
  3. Wii Mod Lite를 실행하세요.
  4. Wii 리모컨의 +컨트롤 패드를 사용하여, WAD Manager를 찾으세요. 그 뒤 wad 폴더로 이동하세요.
  5. Press A to install the IOS80 .wad file. [Make sure the installation is successful, otherwise abort.]
  6. Press A to install the Wii Menu WAD.
  7. Press A to install the IOS58 .wad file. [Make sure the installation is successful, otherwise abort.]
  8. 설치가 완료되고 나면, HOME 버튼을 눌러 홈브루 런처로 되돌아가세요.

Installing a Wii Menu WAD will remove Priiloader. Do not reboot before you have installed it again, otherwise you could BRICK.

Continue to Priiloader Installation
Priiloader adds a level of brick protection, and we recommend it.