RiiConnect24 Troubleshooting

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If you’re getting one of these errors (and not any other error), you should be able to fix the Channel by deleting your VFF.

  • Discontinued Message
  • NEWS/FORE000001
  • NEWS/FORE000003
  • NEWS/FORE000005
  • NEWS/FORE000099

What you need

Folder to Delete

  • Forecast Channel
    • 48414645
    • 4841464a
    • 48414650
  • News Channel
    • 48414745
    • 4841474a
    • 48414750


  1. Launch WiiXplorer.
  2. Go to Start -> Settings -> Boot Settings -> Enable NAND write access and then select Yes for both dialogues that appear on the screen.
  3. Press Back until you have reached the file explorer screen.
  4. Select the tiny blue SD Card icon, then select NAND.
  5. Navigate to title -> 00010002 -> XXXXXXXX -> data, where XXXXXXXX is one of the folders above.
  6. Hover over wc24dl.vff and press the + button and select Delete.

Try to launch the Channel you were having trouble with now.

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