RiiConnect24 DNS Update

영어로 된 도움말을 원하시면 디스코드의 RiiConnect24에서 도움을 요청하세요.

If you need help with anything regarding this tutorial, please join the RiiConnect24 Discord server (recommended) or e-mail us at [email protected].

RiiConnect24 로고

Our official DNS Address has been updated. We require all users to change it. Failure in doing so will result in losing access to most or every RiiConnect24 service.

The old address will be supported until it’s DEPRECATION date. We will remind you using Wii Mail or our Discord server about the need to change the DNS Address in the next few months.

We’ve restricted access to Forecast Channel and News Channel for users still using the old DNS Address. Users will also see a new EULA when trying to enable WiiConnect24 reminding them about the change. The notification on the EULA confirmation screen. The notification on the Forecast Channel The notification on the News Channel

To update your entered DNS Address please follow these steps:

  1. Wii 옵션으로 이동합니다.
  2. Wii 본체 설정으로 이동합니다.
  3. 페이지 2로 이동하고, 인터넷을 클릭하세요.
  4. Go to Connection Settings
  5. Select your current connection
  6. Go to Change Settings
  7. DNS 자동 연결 (IP 주소가 아님) 으로 이동해서 끄기를 선택하고, 고급 설정으로 들어갑니다.
  8. Type in as the primary DNS
  9. Type in as the secondary DNS
  10. Select Confirm, then select Save
  11. Select OK to perform a connection
  12. 연결 테스트가 성공했다면, Wii 업데이트를 아니요를 눌러 건너뜁니다.

The old DNS Server will stop working on June 1st, 2023.