WiiWare Patcher

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Vuoi patchare giochi WAD (WiiWare) per farli funzionare con Wimmfi e non sai come fare? Questo tutorial ti spiegherà come funziona WiiWare Patcher. (Questo tutorial funziona solo per sistemi operativi Windows)

Usare il WiiWare Patcher

Questo tutorial è solo per la versione Windows di WiiWare Patcher.

Di cosa hai bisogno

Section I - Downloading WiiWare Patcher
  1. Click the link above to go to the GitHub page where the patcher is.
  2. Download WiiWarePatcher.bat.
Section II - Patching WiiWare games
  1. On Windows, run WiiWarePatcher.bat. WiiWare Patcher Main Menu
  2. Press any key to start the patcher.
  3. Select if you want to patch your games or if you want to download and patch Wii Speak Channel. Select patching mode
  4. If you’re patching your own games, copy them (.WAD files) to the folder where WiiWarePatcher.bat is, press 1 and hit ENTER.
  5. The patching process will start. Be patient. Patching...
  6. It’s done! Patched WAD’s are in the wiimmfi-wads folder. Install them using Wii Mod Lite or other WAD Manager.

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