Installing RSSMii

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Do you want to get RSS feed updates on your Wii Message Board? This tutorial will tell you how to set RSSMii up.


What you need


Section I - Downloading/Installing
  1. Extract RSSMii and put it in the apps folder on your SD card.
  2. We need to create a feeds.xml on the root of the SD card so the app will know what feeds to subscribe you to.

If you’re using the Windows Operating System, you can use the RSS Feeds Creator program created by KcrPL. It will automatically create a feeds.xml file and will copy it to your SD card!

If you don’t have a Windows computer, use this template and use your favorite text editor to make the feeds.xml.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
  <feed name="Example-Feed"><![CDATA[]]></feed>
  <feed name="One more Example-Feed!"><![CDATA[]]></feed>

Replace the “name” portion with the title you want to put for the feed. Make sure it’s not very long, since there’s not that much space. Then, replace the link portion with the link to the RSS feed. You can put as many feeds as you want. Don’t delete the “CDATA” part.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
  <feed name="RiiConnect24 Medium"><![CDATA[]]></feed>
  <feed name="RiiConnect24 Twitter"><![CDATA[]]></feed>

Save the feed you made to the root of your SD Card.

  1. Launch RSSMii from the Homebrew Channel.
  2. Press A to confirm you want to subscribe to the feeds. Ignore the error about ES_GetTitleID, everything is fine.
  3. Once everything is done, press HOME to go back to the Homebrew Channel. You should soon get RSS feed updates on your Wii, enjoy!

Not getting any feed updates? Try an RSS feed that updates more frequently, like a feed with news for example. If the RSS feed doesn’t update often, then you won’t get many updates.

We recommend you use just a few feeds, because if you subscribe to a lot of feeds you can get a ton of mail on your Wii.

If you’re not receiving updates after a few days, you might need to subscribe to the RSS feeds again. Launch RSSMii from the Homebrew Channel again and it’ll create brand new subscriptions.

Removing RSSMii