Homebrew Channel Installation

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The Homebrew Channel is where you will go to launch homebrew applications.


  1. You will see a scam warning screen. Wait 30 seconds for the text “Press 1 to continue” to appear, then press 1.
    Scam Screen

  2. When at the HackMii installer, you are able to install the Homebrew Channel, and/or BootMii.

  3. Press Continue, then select the Homebrew Channel, and press install.
    Install the Homebrew Channel

  4. Press Continue when finished.
    Success Installing the Homebrew Channel

  5. Once installed, press back and go to BootMii.
  6. If the main screen says you can install as boot2, do so.
  7. If it does not say you can install as boot2, install as IOS.
    BootMii Installation

  8. Once done, exit.

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