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Q: I am on the latest system version. Is my device hackable? A: Yes

Q: How risky is hacking my console? A: Bricks are now basically impossible unless you ignore/circumvent all safety checks.

Q: Where should I go for support? A: For support mail us at [email protected] Or if you have a Discord account, join our Discord server at RiiConnect24 on Discord.

Q: Can I do this with a 4GB (or smaller) SD card? A: Yes!

Q: Can I use a SD card larger than 32GB? A: You will need an SD card 32GB or lower to do the LetterBomb/Wilbrand exploit (unless you are using FlashHax), but an SD card larger than 32GB should be fine.

Q: Can I do this without a computer (e.g. an Android phone)? A: All you need is the ability to put files on an SD card!

Q: I got error XXXXXX, how to fix it?? A: In order to check what error that is, please visit Wiimmfi error page.

Q: Can I mod my Wii Mini? A: You cannot mod a Wii Mini due to it having no SD card slot and because it’s lacking some other things.

Q: Can I install RiiConnect24 on Dolphin? A: Unfortunately, RiiConnect24 doesn’t work on Dolphin due to lack of code to emulate WiiConnect24. We know people are interested in it working on Dolphin, so it might work in the future!