WiiLink24 and all of its services (such as Wii no Ma) are not controlled or operated by RiiConnect24. To get support on all issues relating this tutorial and service, join the WiiLink24 Discord server.

WiiLink24 lets you use the Japanese-exclusive Wii no Ma channel, and in the future will let you use the Digicam Print Channel and the Demae Channel again.



Section I - Patching Wii no Ma

¡Si desea ver instrucciones detalladas sobre cómo instalar los WADs, haga clic aquí!

  1. Descarga los archivos necesarios según tu sistema operativo. On Windows, run WiiLink24Patcher.bat.
  2. Press 1 to choose “Start” and confirm your selection by pressing ENTER.
  3. For this guide, choose “Install WiiLink24 on your Wii
  4. Select your region.
  5. Connect the SD Card or USB Drive to your computer and select “1”.
  6. If your device was detected successfully, select “1”. If not, make sure there’s a folder called apps on your SD Card or USB Device and try again.
  7. Be patient…
  8. Once it’s done, you can safely close the patcher. All of the files are ready on your SD Card.
  9. If it did not copy everything automatically to your SD Card or USB Device, copy the WAD and apps folder next to WiiLink24Patcher.bat to your SD Card or USB Device.
  10. Put your SD card or USB drive in your Wii.
  11. Inicia el Canal Homebrew en tu Wii.
  12. Inicie Wii Mod Lite.
  13. Usando la cruz de control en tu Wiimote, selecciona WAD Manager (Administrador de WADs), y luego abre la carpeta wad.
  14. Select the Wii no Ma WAD and press A to install.
  15. After it is successfully installed, press the HOME Button to exit back to the Homebrew Channel.
Section II - Installing Wii no Ma Save and Mii

You will now install a save file and Mii which are required in order to use Wii no Ma.

  1. Extract SaveGame Manager GX and put it in the apps folder on your SD card or USB drive.
  2. Make a folder on the root of your SD Card named wiinoma, and put WiiRoomSave.bin and Mickey.miigx in it.
  3. Conecta la tarjeta SD o unidad USB a tu Wii.
  4. Launch SaveGame Manager GX.
  5. Open the wiinoma folder on SaveGame Manager GX.
  6. Select WiiRoomSave.bin, and press Install to install it. When done, press OK.
  7. Select Mickey.miigx, and press Install to install it. When done, press OK.
  8. After they are successfully installed, press the HOME Button to exit back to the Homebrew Channel.
  9. Open the Mii Channel.
  10. Press OK on any popups that appear.
  11. Exit the Mii Channel.
  12. Launch Wii Room, and go to the settings, then video. Make sure quality is set to high. Wii no Ma is now installed on your Wii.

Continúe con RiiConnect24
RiiConnect24 le permite utilizar los servicios descontinuados de WiiConnect24, que incluyen Noticias, Pronóstico, Todos Votos, Nintendo y el Canal Check Mii Out, junto con Wii Mail. This is optional to install.

Continue to Wiimmfi
Wiimmfi lets you play games online after the discontinuation of Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. This is optional to install.

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