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WiiLink lets you use the Japanese-exclusive channels known as Wii Room, the Digicam Print Channel, and the Food Channel again.
Additionally, WiiLink lets you use other WiiConnect24 channels such as the Nintendo Channel, Forecast Channel, and Everybody Votes Channel.

WiiLink’s guide for installation can be found here.

Continuar a la instalación de RiiConnect24
RiiConnect24 te permite usar nuevamente el servicio WiiConnect24 y sus diversas funciones, incluyendo el Canal Noticias, Canal Tiempo, Canal Opiniones, Canal Nintendo, y Canal Miirame, además del intercambio de mensajes entre consolas Wii. This is optional to install.

Continue to Wiimmfi
Wiimmfi lets you play games online after the discontinuation of Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. This is optional to install.

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