Canal Open Shop (Homebrew Browser)

Si tienes problemas para seguir los pasos de esta guía, por favor solicita ayuda en nuestro servidor de Discord (recomendado), o envíanos un correo electrónico. Soporte disponible solo en inglés.

If you need help for anything regarding this tutorial, please join the Open Shop Channel (recommended) or e-mail us at [email protected].

Homebrew Browser, which is what the Open Shop Channel is based off on, does work but it can be buggy. You can also get homebrew using osc-dl and from the Open Shop Channel website.

You need an Internet connection in order to use this application.

The Open Shop Channel is where you can go to get homebrew apps. It is a revival project for an app called Homebrew Browser.



  1. Extrae el Homebrew Browser a la carpeta apps en tu tarjeta SD o unidad USB.
  2. Conecta la tarjeta SD o unidad USB a tu Wii. Ahora puedes ejecutar el Homebrew Browser desde el Canal Homebrew.

Here are some recommended apps that you can get on the Open Shop Channel:

  • CleanRip - This is a tool to dump Wii and GameCube games. See our page for more details.
  • GCMM - This is a GameCube memory card manager for your Wii.
  • MyMenuify Mod - This is a tool to install themes for your Wii Menu. See our page for instructions on how to use it.
  • Nintendont - This is a GameCube game loader for your Wii. For more information, please see this GBAtemp thread.
  • SaveGame Manager GX - This is a save manager for your Wii. It allows you to copy save files and Miis to and from your Wii.
  • USB Loader GX - This is a USB Loader for your Wii. See our page for instructions on how to use it.
  • WiiFlow Lite - This is another USB Loader for your Wii. See our page for instructions on how to use it.
  • WiiMC-SS - This is a media player for your Wii. It supports movies, music, photos, radio stations, YouTube, and more.
  • WiiXplorer-SS - This is a file manager for your Wii. It lets you access your files on your SD Card, USB Device, and more.
  • YABDM - This is a tool to dump content installed on your Wii to WAD files. See our page for instructions on how to use it.

Continúe con RiiConnect24
RiiConnect24 le permite utilizar los servicios descontinuados de WiiConnect24, que incluyen Noticias, Pronóstico, Todos Votos, Nintendo y el Canal Check Mii Out, junto con Wii Mail. This is optional to install.

Continue to WiiLink
WiiLink lets you use the Japanese-exclusive channels known as Wii no Ma and Digicam Print Channel. This is optional to install.

Continuar a Wiimmfi
Wiimmfi te permite disfrutar de juegos en línea después del cierre de la Conexión Wi-Fi de Nintendo. This is optional to install.

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Included in the Homebrew Browser download is a guide on how to use the Homebrew Browser.

You can swap out ShopChannel.ogg with loop.ogg in /apps/homebrew_browser/ to have the Homebrew Browser play the Wii Shop Channel music.