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Even if your Wii has already been softmodded in the past, following these steps can still ensure that your softmod is up to date.

All of the exploits run the HackMii Installer, and have the same end result.

Although you can follow this guide without an SD card, you will not be able to create or restore a NAND backup using BootMii, and you won’t be able to use some homebrew.

This guide is for the original Wii and Wii mini only (including the Wii Family Edition), with the latest firmware (4.3). Do not use this on a Wii U (vWii)! Do not use this on a Wii U (vWii)! If you want to install homebrew on a Wii U, follow this guide.

Elige el exploit que quieres usar

These exploits are sorted by easiest to hardest difficulty of use.

  • str2hax - Exploit que usa el EULA de Wii
    • Requires an Internet connection and changing the DNS server
  • LetterBomb - Exploit que usa el tablón de Wii.
    • Requires an SD card
  • FlashHax - Exploit que usa el Canal Internet
    • Requires the Internet Channel installed, and an Internet connection
  • BlueBomb - Exploit que usa Bluetooth
    • Requires a computer with Bluetooth and GNU/Linux, as well as a USB storage device
    • Este es el único exploit que funciona en el Wii Mini