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RiiConnect24's Wii Guide.

RiiConnect24 Wii Guide

Device: Wii

Stage: Wiimmfi

Have you wanted to go online, yet miss Nintendo WFC after shutdown? Fear no more, as Wiimmfi is here to save the day!

CTGP-R (Mario Kart Wii)

MrBean35000vr’s amazing CTGP-R distribution, the application that allows you to use a set of custom tracks, has automatic Wiimmfi patching. Go to the ChadSoft Website for the download!

Homebrew (Disc) Application

MrBean35000vr (you may know him as the creator of CTGP-R) has created a Wiimmfi Disc Patcher that allows you to insert a disc and let it automatically (temporarily; you have to run the patcher each time) patch the game for Wiimmfi use!

You will need:


  1. Extract to the root of your SD: the apps and bslug folders must be on the root of SD.
  2. Go to Homebrew Channel, run the app, and insert your disc (you can insert it before or after launch, it doesn’t matter).
  3. Wait for patch to complete, and it’ll begin! Notice: The Mario Strikers Charged patch and Animal Crossing Wii fix are implemented in v0.4, so please do not worry.

ISO Patching

However, you may not want to run a patcher each time, and maybe you already use a USB Loader. As such, ISO Patchers were created, some for specific games.

You will need:


  1. Extract the patcher of your poison (read: choice) to a folder, and place your game ROM in.
  2. Run the patch script for your OS: usually it will end in .bat for Windows and .sh for Mac/Linux.
  3. Once it’s finished, get the version out of the wiimmfi-images folder (it may be in the folder before the patcher - ../wiimmfi-images) and copy it back to your USB.