RiiConnect24 Wii Guide

Device: Wii

Stage: RiiConnect24

Have you wanted to use the News or Forecast Channel, or exchange mail between Wiis, yet miss WiiConnect24 after shutdown? Fear no more, as RiiConnect24 is here to save the day!

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RiiConnect24 doesn't work with the Wii U yet (although they are working on it), so please do not do this on a Wii U.
Also, right now only Wii Mail and the News and Forecast Channel work. There is not a need to try other Channels, as they won't work yet.
There is also not a need to install Channels such as the Everybody Votes Channel because when RiiConnect24 releases Channels like that, you will have to patch them for security purposes.
In order to install RiiConnect24 you must be on Wii Menu version 4.3, otherwise mail won't work.



  1. Open the IOS Patcher zip and run patch.bat if on Windows, or patch.command on Linux or MacOS.
  2. Follow the instructions it gives you. Upon it finishing, copy the WAD folder to your SD Card. If it doesn’t work or you don’t understand, Join the RiiConnect24 Discord server and DM RiiConnect24 Bot !wads and it’ll respond with pre-patched wads.
  3. Extract Wii Mod Lite and WiiXplorer, and then copy them to the apps folder on your SD Card. Make sure to copy WiiXplorer as its own folder, not the standalone files inside.
  4. Insert your SD card into your Wii, open the Homebrew Channel, and launch Wii Mod Lite.
  5. Using the +Control Pad on your Wii Remote, go to WAD Manager, and then navigate to the WAD folder.
  6. When IOS31.wad is highlighted, press +, and then press A to install the WAD. Continue to do the same for IOS80.wad.
  7. After they are successfully installed, press the HOME Button to exit back to the Homebrew Channel.
  8. Launch WiiXplorer.
  9. Go to Start -> Settings -> Boot Settings -> Enable NAND write access and then select Yes for both dialogs that appear on the screen. This is important, if you do not do this, you’ll get an error saying “Error copying some item(s)” later. NAND Write Access 1 NAND Write Access 2 NAND Write Access 3
  10. Press Back until you have reached the file explorer screen.
  11. Select the tiny blue SD Card icon, then select nand. Select NAND
  12. Navigate to shared2 -> wc24, then hover over nwc24msg.cfg and press the + button and select Copy. Copy 1 Copy 2
  13. Select the NAND icon (which used to be the SD Card icon), then select SD.
  14. In the file explorer pane, press the + button somewhere in the file listing and select Paste.
  15. Take your SD card out and insert it back into your computer.
  16. Join the RiiConnect24 Discord server. While you wait to get verified, type in !patch. The bot will guide you on how to patch your config. Once your config has been patched, download it and copy it back to your SD card, replacing the already existing nwc24msg.cfg.
  17. Take your SD card out and insert it back into your Wii.
  18. In the file explorer pane, hover over nwc24msg.cfg and press the + button, then select Copy.
  19. Select the SD icon (which used to be the NAND icon), then select NAND.
  20. Navigate to shared2 -> wc24, press the + button somewhere in the file listing and select Paste. Make sure to choose Yes when it asks you to overwrite the file. Paste
  21. Exit to the Wii Menu Wii Menu 1 Wii Menu 2


  22. Goto Wii Options Wii Options
  23. Go to Wii Settings Wii Settings
  24. Go to Page 2, then click on Internet Internet
  25. Go to Connection Settings Connection Settings
  26. Select your current connection Current Connection
  27. Go toChange Settings Change Settings
  28. Go to Auto-Obtain DNS, then select No, then Advanced Settings Auto-Obtain DNS
  29. Type in as the primary DNS Primary DNS
  30. Type in as the secondary DNS Secondary DNS
  31. Select Confirm, then select Save Save DNS
  32. Select OK to perform a connection test Connection Test
  33. If the connection test was successful, select No to skip the Wii System Update. Connection Test Successful
  34. Go to WiiConnect24, then WiiConnect24 again, and make sure it is enabled. WiiConnect24 1 WiiConnect24 2 WiiConnect24 3
  35. Back on the WiiConnect24 menu, go to Standby Connection and make sure it is enabled. Standby Connection 1 Standby Connection 2 Standby Connection 3
  36. At Slot Illumination, we recommend you set the disc light to Dim or Bright, but this is optional. Slot Illumination 1 Slot Illumination 2 Slot Illumination 3
  37. Finally, go to the Internet section, then User Agreeements or Agreement/Contact, then Yes
    Please read through this and don’t skip through it. This contains important stuff about RiiConnect24 as a service! User Agreements 1 User Agreements 2
If you get error 107245, then you failed to patch your IOS correctly.

If you’re getting NEWS/FORE000006, you might want to read this.

If you’re getting errors such as a discontinued message when opening the News or Forecast Channel, we have some instructions that might fix it.

If you want Wiimmfi (to play games online after the discontinuation of Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection), read on!