YAWM ModMii Edition

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YAWM ModMii Edition is an application that can install WADs and launch homebrew applications. This tutorial will show you how to install WADs.



Abschnitt 1 - Herunterladen

  1. Download and extract the YAWM ModMii Edition .zip to the root of your SD card or USB drive.
  2. Insert your SD card or USB drive into your Wii, and launch YAWM ModMii Edition from the Homebrew Channel.

Abschnitt 2 - WADs Installieren

  1. Select the source device that has the WAD file(s) you would like to install. Selecting source device
  2. Navigate to the folder that has the WAD files.
    • If you have a folder named wad, it will be opened automatically. Selecting WAD file
  3. Navigate to the WAD file you would like to install and press A.
    • If you would like to install multiple WAD files at once, press + on each of them, then press A. WAD options
  4. Press A again to install the WAD(s). Installing WAD Installing WAD OK