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Solltest du hinsichtlich dieses Tutorials Hilfe benötigen, trete bitte dem RiiConnect24 Discord-Server bei (empfohlen), oder kontaktiere uns per E-Mail unter [email protected].

Auch wenn deine Wii in der Vergangenheit bereits einen Softmod erhalten hat, kann das Befolgen dieser Schritte dafür sorgen, dass dein Softmod auf dem aktuellen Stand ist.

Alle Exploits verwenden den HackMii-Installer und führen zum selben Endergebnis.

Although you can follow this guide without an SD card, you will not be able to create or restore a NAND backup using BootMii, and you won’t be able to use some homebrew.

If your Wii Menu is not on version 4.3, use str2hax, Wilbrand or FlashHax to install the Homebrew Channel, and then follow the update guide to update to 4.3.

This guide is for the original Wii and Wii mini only (including the Wii Family Edition). Do not use this on a Wii U (vWii)! If you want to install homebrew on a Wii U, follow this guide.

Wähle den zu verwendenden Exploit

These exploits are sorted by easiest to hardest difficulty of use.

  • str2hax - Exploit that uses the Wii EULA
    • Requires an Internet connection and changing the DNS server
  • LetterBomb - Exploit that uses the Wii Message Board
    • Requires an SD card
    • Must be on version 4.3
  • Wilbrand - Exploit that also uses the Wii Message Board
    • Requires only an SD card with the Web UI, otherwise requires a PC in addition to the SD card
    • Works on versions 3.0 - 4.3
  • FlashHax - Exploit that uses the Internet Channel
    • Requires the Internet Channel installed, and an Internet connection
  • BlueBomb - Exploit that uses Bluetooth
    • Requires a computer with Bluetooth and GNU/Linux, as well as a USB storage device
    • This is the only exploit that works on the Wii mini