RiiConnect24 vWii Guide

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Guide to installing RiiConnect24 on your vWii (Virtual Wii on Wii U) with: CMOC/MCC, Nintendo Channel, EVC and News Channel along with forced 4:3 aspect ratio patching.

Since certain features found in the original Wii are not present in the vWii, we can only partially utilize RiiConnect24. See what’s currently working for details.


We are NOT responsible if you brick, or damage your console in any way whatsoever. If you follow this guide exactly, you shouldn’t have any problems.

Do NOT perform this guide on any other console than the vWii (Virtual Wii on Wii U). If you’re looking for instructions for a Nintendo Wii, use wii.guide/riiconnect24. If you’d like to perform this guide on the Dolphin emulator, use wii.guide/riiconnect24-dolphin

What you need

  • A PC or mobile device with internet access and the ability to interact with SD cards.
  • An SD card formatted as FAT32 (at least 2GB) with enough available space. SDHC or SDXC cards formatted as FAT32 can be known to work.
  • A Wii U console capable of launching the Homebrew Launcher (either via the web browser exploit, Haxchi or Coldboot Haxchi). If you do not have a softmodded Wii U console, please follow wiiuguide.xyz, as well as the virtual Wii modding guide and then come back.
  • RiiConnect24 Patcher

After following the above linked guide, you should have:

  • A vWii NAND backup and keys (keep these stored safely!!)
  • The Homebrew Channel installed
  • d2x cIOS installed (IOS249, IOS250 and IOS251)
  • IOS80 patched


Section I - Running the patcher

Using the RiiConnect24 Patcher you should’ve downloaded earlier in What you need, you will be downloading and patching IOS31, News, Everybody Votes, Nintendo and Check Mii Out Channels for use on your vWii.

  1. Run RiiConnect24Patcher.bat on Windows or RiiConnect24Patcher.sh on Unix systems by typing bash then drag RiiConnect24Patcher.sh into the terminal then press enter. On Unix systems, open terminal and type bash, then drag RiiConnect24Patcher.shinto the terminal then press enter. Follow the on screen instructions

  2. Confirm that after running through the patcher, you have 3 folders. They will be in the same folder where RiiConnect24Patcher.bat/sh is and on your SD Card (of course, only if you selected an option in the patcher to do so).

    • If the patcher did not move the file to the SD Card, move these 3 folders to the root of your SD card.
Section II - Installing the newly patched WADs
  1. Open the Homebrew Channel
  2. Launch Wii Mod Lite
  3. Using the +Control Pad on your Wii Remote, navigate to WAD Manager, and then navigate to the wad folder.
  4. Highlight all WADs with RiiConnect24 in the name, and press + to select them. When all of them are selected, press A twice to install the WADs.
  5. After they are successfully installed, press the HOME Button to exit back to the Homebrew Channel.
Section III - Patching 43db for 16:9 (optional)
  1. Open the Homebrew Channel
  2. Launch the ww-43db-patcher

If you install a theme, you will have to run the ww-43db-patcher once more

Section IV - Using RiiConnect24

After following the above sections, you’re almost able to utilize RiiConnect24 on your Wii U. You just need to perform the following steps after every vWii reboot.

  1. On the vWii’s Wii Menu, launch the ConnectMii channel.
    • This will enable the WiiConnect24 and Standby Connection flags required by the WiiConnect24 Channels.
  2. Launch the WiiConnect24 Channels
    • You should now be able to utilize all of the WiiConnect24 Channels you have installed!

What’s currently working?

The following RiiConnect24 services are working on the vWii:

  • News Channel
    • This channel is affected by the timestamp issue. The “Last Updated” and article timestamps will be incorrect.
    • The banner data is also known to not work, returning Unable to obtain data.
  • Forecast Channel
  • Nintendo Channel
  • Everybody Votes Channel
  • Check Mii Out Channel / Mii Contest Channel

The following RiiConnect24 services are not working on the vWii:

  • Wii Mail (most functionality does not exist on vWii)
    • This includes sending/receiving mail to/from friends. You can only receive global broadcast mail and posts from RSSMii feeds (if set up).
  • Everything else that isn’t working according to RiiConnect24 stats.