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How risky is hacking my console?

Bricks (a state where either some parts of your Wii software are not working, or your Wii is not working at all) are now basically impossible unless you ignore/circumvent all safety checks.

Where should I go for support?

Either email us at [email protected] or join the RiiConnect24 Discord Server.

What are the SD card requirements and/or recommendations?

You will need an SD card with at least 128MB to run an exploit.

  • If you are using the BlueBomb, str2hax, or FlashHax exploits, you do not need an SD card

To store homebrew applications, we recommend an SD card with at least 2 GB.

I got error XXXXXX in Wiimmfi, how to fix it?

In order to check what error that is, please visit the Wiimmfi error page.

What are the limitations in vWii modding?

The following is a list of things that can potentially BRICK your vWii (don’t do these things!):

  • Installing IOS for a Wii console on vWii.
  • Installing Wii menu themes not formatted correctly for vWii and/or your region.
  • Installing BootMii and/or Priiloader/Preloader.
  • Failure during the install of crucial system/IOS titles (e.g. power outage).
  • Modifying the vWii NAND without knowing what you are doing.

How can I remove parental controls?

The mkey generator can generate the code required to remove parental controls.