IOS Patcher

Want to download patched IOS files for RiiConnect24 and you don’t know how? This tutorial will explain you how IOS Patcher works. (This tutorial is only suitable for Windows operating system)

Using the IOS Patcher

This tutorial is only for the Windows version of IOS Patcher.

What you need

  • Computer with Windows XP or newer
  • Internet access.


Do you have any problems with installing RiiConnect24 or using IOS Patcher? Or maybe you want to ask us something? Mail us at: [email protected]!

If you are on Windows XP, skip the “Downloading” section and download it from GitHub.

If you are on Windows 7 or newer open cmd.exe (Run or press Windows Logo+R and type in cmd.exe) and type in powershell -command "(new-object System.Net.WebClient).DownloadFile('', 'net_install.bat')" & start net_install.bat

Give it a few seconds because Powershell has to startup. After few seconds a new window should open. Net Installer

Press any button and wait… Net Installer Downloading

After it will finish downloading a folder called IOS-Patcher should appear on your Desktop. Open it and open a file called patch.bat

Main menu (Main menu of IOS Patcher)

Press any button. If the update will be available, IOS Patcher will ask you to update itself.

The update process takes about 10 to 15 seconds - depends on your connection and computer speed.

IOS Patcher 1st screen On this screen, choose your system.

RiiConnect24 doesn’t work with the Wii U yet (although they are working on it), so please do not do this on a Wii U.

The only valid option is “Wii”

After that, press any button and let the download start. IOS Patcher 2nd screen

When the download and patching will be finished, you will be asked to copy the patched WAD files to your SD Card. If you want to do it automatically, put in your SD Card right now and press “1”. If you want to do that manually, press “2”. Or if you just want to copy the files to desktop, press “3”.

IOS Patcher 3rd screen

Basically, that’s it! That’s all you have to do to use IOS Patcher.

IOS Patcher 4th screen

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