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Q: I am on the latest system version. Is my device hackable? A: Yes. In fact, there are exploits available for every version except for 1.0.

Q: I am using Wii Mode (vWii) on a Wii U. Can I softmod it? A: Yes, however for vWii, you should follow this guide

Q: How risky is hacking my console? A: Bricks (a state where either some parts of your Wii software are not working, or your Wii is not working at all) are now basically impossible unless you ignore/circumvent all safety checks.

Q: Where should I go for support? A: For support mail us at [email protected] Or if you have a Discord account, join our Discord server at RiiConnect24 on Discord.

Q: Can I do this with a 4GB (or smaller) SD card? A: Yes! As a matter of fact, any SD card with at least 128MB should work to run an exploit, but to store homebrew applications, it is recommended to have an SD card with at least 2GB.

Q: Can I use a SD card larger than 32GB? A: You will need an SD card 32GB or lower to do the LetterBomb/Wilbrand exploit (unless you are using FlashHax or str2hax), but an SD card larger than 32GB should be fine.

Q: Can I do this without a computer (e.g. an Android phone)? A: All you need is the ability to put files on an SD card and an Internet connection!

Q: I got error XXXXXX, how to fix it?? A: In order to check what error that is, please visit the Wiimmfi error page.

Q: Can I mod my Wii Mini? A: You can mod your Wii Mini with a new exploit called “Bluebomb”.

Q: Can I install RiiConnect24 on Dolphin? A: Unfortunately, RiiConnect24 doesn’t work on Dolphin due to the way the processor of the Wii is emulated. We know people are interested in it working on Dolphin, so it might work in the future!