Dumping a game over a local network

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Do you want to dump games through your local network? Follow this tutorial! This can be useful if you don’t have an SD card or a USB drive that is large enough to dump a game to.

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What you need

Your Wii and your computer must be connected to one local network


Section I - Downloading/Installing
  1. Extract DVD Dump Tool and put it in the apps folder on your SD card or USB drive.
  2. Insert your SD card into your Wii, and launch DVD Dump Tool from the Homebrew Channel.
Section II - Ripping
  1. Press the right button on the d-pad and press “A” 2
  2. Choose the disc that you want to copy (The options are: GameCube Disc, Wii Single-Layer Disc, Wii Dual-Layer Disc and press “A” 3
  3. Now put your game to your Wii. (If it’s already in your wii, eject it and put it back) InsertTheDisc 4
  4. Remember your Wii URL (IP address) 5
  5. On your computer in your web browser, type in the Wii URL and hit ENTER. 6
  6. You should see this. Click on Click here to download XXXX.iso 7
  7. The transfer speed is not the fastest, but if you can’t use anything else, it’s better than nothing.